Nathan Breidinger


Financial Adviser

Nathan joined Arner Investment Management in September of 2012. He enjoys working with a variety of clients and discovering the things that make their situation unique.  Whether you're single and looking to the future, married with children trying to find the balance between retirement planning while still saving for college, or on the verge of retirement and desiring a strategy that will fit both your current and future needs.

His process begins by meeting with clients to assess their current situation and then assists them in defining their goals to arrive at a workable plan. He then helps them implement the plan and finally, provides regular ongoing support. Nathan understands that life is dynamic and as your circumstances change, your plan might need to change along with it.

Nathan is securities registered to use a variety of investment vehicles such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETF's), annuities, stocks, bonds, and alternative investments depending on your specific situation.

Nathan serves on the church council at Christ Lutheran in Shields. He was born and raised in Saginaw Township and is a current resident with his wife, Kristy.